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Sourcing Asia is a boutique, sourcing and buying agency based in the Island of the Gods Bali, Indonesia.

When it comes to choosing the right sourcing agent there are many decisions to make and lots of options available. Australian born Managing Director, Andrew De Jong has lived and worked in Bali, Indonesia for 17 years and understands the needs of flexibility required for international and local clients. Whether they are buying for a Retail store a Restaurant, Villa, hotel project or a personal shopper. We are able to accommodate clients looking for modern to chic or a traditionally Asian goods.

Sourcing Asia is one of Bali’s largest and longest running sourcing companies, Andrew and his team knows where to make the right items at the right price and deliver it on time and on budget for your business or project. Our clients are hotels and Villas, Restaurant’s, Retail Stores, interior designers, personal shoppers building or Renovating a home and small on line businesses.

To date, we have a global client base in America, China, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia the Pacific Islands just to name a few places. We are borderless to where we will send and we can source almost anything that’s Made in Indonesia.

Keeping Our Clients Up to Date


Sourcing Asia is on the ground here in Bali, Our Sourcing teams are out and about daily sourcing and buying for our clients. We know what’s new and whats hot and and what’s not hot anymore. We will keep you up to date with our live Instagram feed and monthly Blogs advising you of the latest in what’s available in Furniture, Homewares, Garden accessories, Bags, Jewellery, clothing and more.


Andrew De Jong, Managing Director

Sourcing Agent

We provide services to buyers in retail, restaurants, hotels, developers, interior designers, personal shoppers and wholesalers.
Sourcing Agent Bali Indonesia


Buying Trips

We can assist in every step of the way suggesting quality business friendly accommodation for your trip and working out a buying trip itinerary
Buying Agent Bali Indonesia

Personal Shopper

Our Bali personal shopping trips are tailored specifically to your needs. These are suited for building or renovating a home.
Personal Shopper Bali Indonesia


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