Need a Sourcing & Buying Agent in Bali, Indonesia?

About Us


What started off as a short holiday to Bali eighteen years ago, quickly led to a number of regular buying trips. Family, friends and neighbours back in Australia started asking me to source and ship fabrics, furniture, fashion, footwear, lighting, homewares almost everything and anything made in Indonesia. I would get requests like…

  • “I’m looking for some really stylish garden furniture, Andrew. Do you know any suppliers in Bali?”

  • “While you’re there, Andrew, can you check out the cost of those stone Buddha statues?”

  • “Andrew, do you think you could find somewhere to make up garment designs for me?”

  • “I’m going to start selling jewellery online, Andrew. Can you keep your eye out for any interesting stones or silver?”

My frequent visits to Bali meant day trips to wood workshops, fabric factories, ceramic producers, rattan weavers and a number of “home based” specialist producers of Indonesian handicrafts, including garden stone ornaments and even bales.

It was only natural that the next step was the opening of Sourcing Asia.

Over the last eighteen years we’ve built up a diverse, established and tested network of the most reliable, talented and trusted artisans, manufacturers and producers of almost everything that’s made in Indonesia.