Need a Sourcing & Buying Agent in Bali, Indonesia?



We can arrange all your shipping requirements from FCL (Full Container Loads) to LCL (Loose Cargo Loads) as well as airfreight and International post courier. With some products, we can arrange for you to have them as soon as three to five working days at your doorstep. The average shipping time to Australia for example is approximately four weeks, while shipping to America and Europe is four to six weeks. It all depends on the regularity and availability of shipping lines.

We have been working with Mundo Line Cargo now for over eighteen years. They are tried and trusted and an important partner to our company. Insurances are available with your shipment for an additional 3% of the cargo value if you require. Of course, if you have your own cargo, we are happy to work in conjunction with them for sending your goods.

All documentation for clearing Indonesia is prepared by cargo and all appropriate Certificates of Origin and Fumigation are prepared and sent ahead of arrival to your destination via DHL. Packing lists with clearly labelled box numbers with details of what is in the boxes are sent ahead so you can unpack with ease.

When booking your container, we will require some important details from you to ensure it’s a smooth journey from Indonesia to your Port. As we can only arrange Port to Port shipping, we need to know all the details of who will handle your shipment on your end and the exact delivery location. Please click on this box and fill out all the questions asked on the form and hit submit we will then arrange the rest for you, it’s that easy.

With Sourcing Asia, the best of Asia is only an email or phone call away.

How much does the shipping cost?

Packing and shipping quotes are provided to you at the beginning of the order process. A separate pickup, packing and sea freight quote is always provided to you.

How do I know my goods won’t get damaged?

FCL or Full Container Load shipping is always the safest way to transport your goods. All items are securely wrapped in cardboard sheet packing material. More delicate items are boxed, and then packed into wooden crates. We use polystyrene sheets and foam where needed to ensure all travels well. Rarely will we have any issues with glass or stone breaking. Also, humidity desiccants are hung in the container to absorb as much moisture build up as possible during the journey.

Is my shipment insured?

We guarantee all goods until inside the container for damage before loading. However, once the container has left the cargo companies hands, they are not responsible for the goods handling any further. An all care, no responsibility position is taken after this point. So if you prefer to take out additional insurance, cargo can assist with a policy for an additional 3% on the value of goods for your peace of mind.

What warranties do I have?

As you are purchasing in Indonesia and shipping to another country, the goods do not have international warranty. If for whatever reason your item does become defective after it has arrived, we will do our best to organise a replacement with the suppliers. However, reshipping will be at your cost. If you are based in Indonesia, there usually are no issues with getting any item repaired locally.