Need a Sourcing & Buying Agent in Bali, Indonesia?

Why Us?


Over the past eighteen years, we have learned the secrets of buying in Indonesia and are experts at successful sourcing, pricing, quality control and shipping.

We will help you avoid expensive and disappointing mistakes. Our knowledge and experience will save you time, money, embarrassment and frustration.

We have supplied private individuals, homeware shops, fashion retailers, art galleries, hotel and villa owners from around the world with quite literally the widest range of Indonesian made goods – delivered on spec, on price and on time.

We treat every shipment as if we were buying for ourselves. We know what to watch out for. We know how to ensure consistent quality. We know our way around the logistical challenges.


We’ve built up a diverse, established and tested network of the most reliable, talented and trusted artisans, manufacturers and producers  in Indonesia.


With our experience we know the best suppliers at the right prices. If you aren’t able to make it to Bali, no problem. We can take care of everything on your behalf.


Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Why Indonesia?


For decades interior stylists, designers, fashionistas and lovers of artisan skills have visited Indonesia — and Bali in particular — to gain inspiration and develop creative ideas. The Indonesian people are very gifted. They use skills passed down through generations to create some of the most beautiful textiles, handicrafts, artefacts, carvings and furniture.

However, as with any international market, there are good and bad suppliers. There are suppliers who will give you headaches, who are unpredictable and just seem to not care.

But there are others who are consistently delightful to deal with, who make things blissfully easy and care enormously.

Sourcing Asia knows the difference – and that’s the difference we make.


Who uses our service?


Our customers range from individuals looking to include Balinese or Indonesian elements into the interior design of their home to villa owners, hotel proprietors and retailers all looking to buy the best of Bali and Indonesia. At the same time, our customers want to be guaranteed the best design, predictable quality, detailed pre-shipping inspection and reliable on-time delivery. And of course, a great price.